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Tai Chi

"It definitely helps me slow down and clear my thoughts. Generally, it has aided my mobility."

We have two Tai Chi Groups at the centre which meet on Fridays

Seated Tai Chi with Chi Kung  breathing exercises for beginners at 11.30am.

Tai Chi for  all levels at 12.30pm . 

Our Tai Chi groups are led by Andreas Demetriou.

Tai Chi (or T'ai chi ch'üan) is an ancient Chinese art of movement practised for self-discipline, general well-being and maintenance of health for the body, mind and spirit. Andreas practises the Yang style and the Classic Yang style and his classes are suitable for for beginner and experienced levels.

You can see a video here that we made with Andreas during lockdown.


There is a suggested minimum contribution of £1.50 for people over 65 and £3 for all other participants.

To book a place, please contact projects@coplestoncentre.org.uk or phone 020 77323435.

In Spring and Summer, when the weather is good, the 12.30pm  group meets outdoors in Lettsom Gardens.