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**Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are delivering differently.**
This event is not currently running. Check back here soon for more updates.
Please contact us at projects@coplestoncentre.org.uk or 020 7732 3435 for more details.


Pop into the Copleston on a Monday at 1pm and you’ll see a group of mostly men (although women join in too) drinking ginger tea, listening to some tunes and ‘playing bones’.


A dominoes club was the idea of Roy Hampden,  whose love of the game, along with some of the other members, stemmed from playing it ‘back home’ in the Caribbean.    


Since the beginning of the year, when the group started, these Monday get-togethers have become popular.  Colin, a regular player said, “Someone invited me and that’s how I started coming. The atmosphere is good, and the company. I enjoy the game”. Roy likes playing because of the mental skill involved. He says, “To be a good player, you need to know how to read the board and see how the others are playing.”


The group also offers a welcoming space to people who have just finished other Monday classes, or are waiting for other groups to start, with some bringing along knitting, crosswords or books to read. If you haven’t played before, come along - one of the group will always teach you how to play, and they don’t even mind if you have a bit of beginner’s luck and win a game!