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Robes Project

For the last few years Copleston has taken part in the Robes Project providing homeless people with accommodation over the winter months, and supporting hem in the process of obtaining more permanent accommodation. In the normal course of things starting last November we would have been welcoming 20 homeless people every Sunday night, setting up camp beds in the hall, cooking an evening meal, then eating together and socialising and playing board games until “lights out”. Each Monday morning  we would prepare a cooked breakfast when the Robes Advice Workers would join us to help the guests with their search for somewhere to live, and then we would clear away until the next week, and the guests would move on to the next church in the circuit.

The Covid-19 pandemic obviously rendered it unsafe to operate in this way, and Robes instead negotiated an agreement with LB Southwark to find hotel accommodation for up to 35 homeless people, and provide support in the usual way towards finding them a proper home.

This winter Copleston will be supporting Robes by preparing, cooking, and delivering an evening meal every Sunday between 23rd January - 31st March 2022. If you would like to be part of the team helping support local homeless people in this way, please contact Edward Collier on 07545 305798 vicar@coplestoncentre.org.uk