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The Wellspring Community Peckham (New Monastic)

The Wellspring Community Peckham meets at the Copleston Church for Meditation, Prayer and Community.

- We are a diverse, inclusive local spiritual community of people inspired to follow the example and way of Jesus in what is called a New Monastic Communitydrawing on contemplative prayer practices and local loving action.  

- We seek to show that those who may not relate to traditional ideas of church or Christianity can find a home with us.

- We recognise the inspiration of many throughout the centuries: saints, mystics, monastics and artists, seeking to offer hospitality and conversation to all.

- We seek to live in a way that is both relevant to modern culture and God, by finding God during everyday life. We welcome all to share their lives and learning with us as we continue to journey on...

- The Wellspring Community meets at the Copleston Church in Peckham in the Diocese of Southwark in the Church of England.  

Our current pattern of  services is Monday to Friday:

8.00am       Morning Prayer        

Wednesday:   5pm - 6pm         Silent Contemplation

Sunday:             5pm - 6pm         Silent Contemplation
                               6pm - 6.30pm  Compline (Night Prayer)
                                                                 (1st Sunday Inclusive Communion)

Our weekday services are small quiet occasions, conducted in a contemplative atmosphere, and with a period of 10 minutes silence for quiet reflection and contemplation. They provide a beautiful and tranquil way to start or end the day, to give thanks for the good things, and to offer prayers for the people and events on your mind.

Please enter the building via the door which is half-way down the right hand side passage, and observe the guidelines for social distancing.

View texts for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer

Loving Service

The Community is assists with the Robes Project Winter Night Shelters, with the work of the Copleston Centre, and with environmental groups including Extinction Rebellion Southwark. 

Want to join us? Contact Matthew at here.